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Anissa Kate


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Anissa Kate

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42 Replies to “FantasyHD French babe fucked with toy and squirts”

  1. callstom says:

    Who the girl at 2.30?

  2. gail21 says:

    one to five x

  3. mountain-dew11 says:

    Still out of your league. :-P

  4. wayneelliott75 says:

    There's nothing naive about this firecracker.  Love that ass.

  5. morgan4395 says:

    I almost don't want to comment because there are already 69 comments but oh well. I love her raspy voice pleading with God to do...oh I dunno something.

  6. rkeith641 says:

    I think she gets her hair pulled a few times in this video. Which part of her hair being pulled are you referring to specifically, if you don't mind me asking?

  7. penguinz147 says:


  8. Bozidar021 says:

    prime example that white guys have a fetish with black guys but are too afraid to admit, so they force women to do the dirty work. admit it homophobic white dudes, you want a black cock in your ass so just do it. me i like black pussy and cumming in it but seriously stop forcing your wives to do shit they don't want

  9. dondonmaud says:

    nice sexy video.sweet young yummy pussy/nice firm to taste that sweet young babe.both are so beautiful.

  10. ArchasBoldy says:

    Hmmm. Really? I'm not sure that's really the same person...

  11. martinasencio says:

    legends say that orgy is still going on

  12. josmandos says:

    Plastic tubing surgically implanted. It's common with male porn stars.

  13. Jickar says:

    Damn love to fuck her

  14. truptee says:

    Whish that it was my stepmom too

  15. th3m1s1 says:

    haha mwuaah

  16. ravi_kiran says:

    This girl is cute looking!

  17. scambria says:

    Very nice!! Please show those beautiful tits of yours!

  18. Autherius says:

    we want more video !

  19. seanthomasl says:

    love this video...

  20. JasmineDickens1 says:

    Shame, another cup of fake coffee wasted...

  21. ellle says:

    kinky stuff

  22. Lendo says:

    What a blowjob!

  23. lancelotlinc says:

    I would love to be balls deep and a girls ass right now. Great video

  24. madrose3 says:

    great video

  25. andsos2 says:

    Do you like young hot girls? Im a young hot girl! Go look at out channel

  26. alaskastan says:


  27. ilithus says:

    I'd fuck her too if she was my step sister.... I'd give her a pleasurable time that she would wanna keep cummin back to my dick.... I'd eat her pussy so good she would be running all over my face.... I'd wanna have her any sexual position that I could get her into... Her moaning is creating a huge cock I'm stroking it wishing she would pop out of my screen and start riding my cock while squeezing her huge tits

  28. paceso says:

    Nice wet pussy

  29. torbenbalster says:

    Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, was fucking awesome. When I bought it I had no memory card, so I had to Keep starting from the beginning again, but it was so rewarding.

  30. Chris72112 says:

    damn she's hot

  31. colin1440 says:


  32. Tecness says:

    Man! I fuckin HATED those!

  33. Andre says:

    damn that was hot the beginning kind of cheesy but damn I'm a guy and I admit he was kinda hot but that girl can take some cock. She was a trooper lol. But ending did make me laugh it showed she just wanted his cock and its the stereotypical kind of porno thats fun to watch.

  34. Doomed says:

    I love how they have closed captions

  35. theresasterrett says:

    Damn she thicc af

  36. lesleygirl says:

    What is his name?

  37. dj_feras says:


  38. xJastify says:

    She's named " Katherine "

  39. ertyui says:

    She sweet and petite !   For a moment I was wondering if her eyes weren't too big for her .. um.. stomach.

  40. Sam.C says:

    Holy sh Is she the best? Wow!

  41. moniquemelissa2 says:

    I wish that was me

  42. jonascraftable says:

    The dad looks like the director

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