Her First Older Woman - scene 1

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Cheyenne Hunter;Kandi Hart


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Cheyenne Hunter and Kandi Hart

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26 Replies to “Her First Older Woman - scene 1”

  1. freeskypemoney says:


  2. 3stan says:

    merci beaucoup!

  3. Elaine says:

    i agree wow wow wow

  4. Calisha_H says:

    haha yeah so cute

  5. darloray says:

    Welcome to Ireland....

  6. rmiller56 says:

    When a dude does finally fuck me up the ass. I want it to be this guy or someone who fucks like that. This couple is so fine! DAMN!

  7. g4pilut says:

    Anyone else bothered by her tattoo?

  8. Peter22 says:

    Damn she has such a gorgeous ass !!! Good ass fucking scene .

  9. dogie062612 says:

    u better marry this girl

  10. fcaravelli says:

    no doubt

  11. SkypeIsRetarded says:

    Damn thats nasty hot, fuck yes! Yeeeeehhaaaaaww!

  12. nicholasrumin says:

    just this part that you see is... all the rest of it is a fucking hassle, but I'm not complaining. I get the job done like a champ.

  13. R0ckyUnited says:

    IDGAF what the reason is! You DO NOT TURN OFF WORLD AT WAR.

  14. MrZerks says:

    Cum all in my wife’s pussy

  15. snorhyvel says:

    nice sex! the way the boy is cumming is funny but also nice. really good amateur vid

  16. Reba2811 says:

    why must the good sh*t be in***t

  17. ven_upa says:

    Where was the anal?

  18. franstobart says:

    Who the fuck cares. You're ugly as shit and this story killed my boner you nasty looking man thing keep your asshole story to yourself no one here cares

  19. AliceWonder says:

    The barcode is for a product "Wall" very creative

  20. Hakkon says:

    I usually have my guys come over and I'll wait just like this so they can pound me doggy style get off using me as hard as they want

  21. seanwheeler says:

    fucking love this shit

  22. grandmamadiley says:

    Fuck you and your watermark hoe.

  23. Ajayi says:


  24. au1 says:

    that lip bite at the end... hot as fuck

  25. shihabvv says:

    Damn, what a sexy guy! Continually lifting his legs was just too hot!Just wish I could hear him instead of the movie.

  26. artemis3676 says:

    i could do better then that

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