MIA KHALIFA - In The Mood For J-Macs Dick, Getting What I Want

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J-mac;Mia Khalifa


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J-mac and Mia Khalifa

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36 Replies to “MIA KHALIFA - In The Mood For J-Macs Dick, Getting What I Want”

  1. Melinoxon says:

    Beautiful older woman,

  2. edwar64896 says:

    Great video but that little ducky lip thing she does where she breathed through her teeth.... Jesus fuck I'm sorry but I goddamn hate it. She looks near ret*rded

  3. luisaquarium666 says:

    If you like big amateur booty

  4. batboio says:

    'atta boy!

  5. geertdeprez says:

    that reference was seriously made on pornhub. XD

  6. Smithakiran says:

    hey specialkunt if you are willing to exchange snaps mine is bfox786 im 18 years old btw

  7. chinomi says:

    Now i'am not gay, but my first blow job was from a gay guy he was a little older than me, it was on a warm night. He was trying to get on to me, i didnt want him to. But he kept on touching me for a while, so in the end i thought oh well give in, he led me out to a back room which he had & blew me and that was my first blow job. He tried a little more but i said no. I guess when opportunity knocks,,, why not.

  8. gemadelvino says:

    Did she make anymore videos? I seriously love this one!

  9. nickolasrast says:

    Found a higher quality version!

  10. Hollieb101 says:

    Name of the first song please

  11. dslovejoy says:

    very sweet suckable tits!! wow

  12. Stoyan_Milchev says:

    Damnnn youre a fine babe, love em jiggly tits

  13. Saga333 says:

    Only 1 actually :3

  14. rbaetsen says:

    This guy and Jason are the sexiest on blacked

  15. godfreypereira says:


  16. WeatherCraft says:

    What is her name?

  17. vdh says:

    hey guy, stop drinking and fuck your hot mother everyday

  18. ScottF says:

    Fuck. I would voluntarily get stabbed to experience this.

  19. Jowdeyt26 says:

    So glad your beauty is gracing my screen once again! When you got fucked facing the camera, that was gold! Such a beautiful face in pleasure. I hope to see much more new content

  20. azheng1023 says:

    She is so fucking hot

  21. vanillanix says:

    i can

  22. Scyle says:

    That's a great friend

  23. whatever23 says:


  24. taxfree1969 says:

    my cock was very hard

  25. jimnloki says:

    Havana Ginger and those fucking hot tits bouncin like that. watching her never fails to make me so wet.

  26. terravakia says:

    You are committing r**e my good sir

  27. grandsioux says:


  28. freetown says:

    she's so hot

  29. Kaosz1986 says:

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  30. petes1949 says:

    Love the bodyshape, specially the calves 3

  31. Elaine says:

    thats a nice ass

  32. jkelly2811 says:

    damn lay some pipes on me!

  33. telrasha says:

    Yes i totally think its worth! Millions of girls would love to see them too!!

  34. lori1957smith says:

    i am a woman and i don't like the look of pussy staring at me. and a woman with her legs open does not excite me at all thats why i never pull up videos in which i have to look at a pussy the entire time. however i think what is good about this video is the angle, and definately the lighting. Also this guy really gets it...... "Guys is not about faster, in fact, the slower the better."

  35. dukeshahzad says:


  36. lpaltrineri says:

    Omg!! By far one of the best bjs I've seen looked awesome and I bet it felt awesome too

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