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28 Replies to “HARD DEEP ANAL! VERY DIRTY! The first expedition in the ass our friend.”

  1. ryanmvsg says:

    How can you do it with them stare at you

  2. Lessingham says:

    I didn't know the Make-A-Wish foundation did this kind of thing

  3. coolmom1984 says:

    "Did my wife see you?"-man......why she babysitting if wife is home?

  4. ashuhabesha says:

    I'll take a shot of that. It looks sweet I like to lick too

  5. lilianna says:

    3 videos exist on JamesDeen.com

  6. maggie_0727 says:

    Sounds like you need a cuckold husband, someone to be faithful loyal and loving but is OK with you enjoying yourself with other guys

  7. JohnPeterson says:

    gloves on is hot

  8. maturu says:

    Seeing Riley Reid in that dress was enough to make this video worth it.

  9. S_filatova1 says:

    your dick must be horrific lmao

  10. Trickman says:

    Daaaaaamn! He had to wipe the shit off his shaft at 5:20! Gross! Someone should tell these k**s about enemas!

  11. g4pilut says:

    Maybe I would if it mattered but this happened years ago. Who the fuck cares.

  12. diamond81 says:

    what joke really she can suck something better.

  13. Tomissues says:

    I found it, it took me 3 long weeks but I found it, the porn hub comment that it's not gay to watch gay porn

  14. Chares says:

    YES! Get right to it. Yummy!

  15. telboy33 says:

    I just had an ad for that keybaord. Hope to pick it up soon.

  16. chris01 says:

    I'm going to think about her 'backdoor' constantly throughout the next week

  17. mike.nafea3 says:

    i want to taste yum

  18. annwhipple says:

    he is so bad

  19. flowersmiles says:

    she is one sexy milf

  20. KonC says:

    Just like my wife loves it !

  21. lancelotlinc says:

    hot compilation!

  22. 26vinny26 says:

    I agree, it just doesn't look as good on video tho.

  23. Adrian says:

    She is a perfect machine.

  24. Stefek says:

    This is hot as fuck!

  25. ravimsaha says:

    Really nice

  26. MonthOLDpickle says:

    Chantel needs to get her life together before she makes anymore videos & Tytianna gotta do better.

  27. hhliveinthehous says:

    Her name is Cameron Adams; she played in a couple of shows on VH1. For the Love of Ray J and Tool Academy

  28. Thetachap says:

    Fuckin tiny ass dick....ofcourse she didn't even moan

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