MIA KHALIFA - Nerdy Fan Gets To Lose His Virginity To The #1 Pornstar

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Mia Khalifa


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Mia Khalifa

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31 Replies to “MIA KHALIFA - Nerdy Fan Gets To Lose His Virginity To The #1 Pornstar”

  1. jbwms8 says:

    Voice doesn't get me but her dialogue is cringe inducing.

  2. aaron_dubois1 says:

    Fuck, that girl with the huge tits in blue dress

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow... thats-... kinda disgusting.

  4. monicabj2 says:


  5. PhyscicDuck says:

    please whats her name?

  6. triciaharper73 says:

    This is so awesome and so very real. She is gorgeous and I love everything about her from her laugh to her climaxes. Her body is amazing too.

  7. Sarahstewart says:

    So Hot!  I love to cum hands free while getting fucked or using a dildo.

  8. addicted2sex says:

    Omg this is sexy. Makes my clock drool.

  9. g4pilut says:

    wish she'd suck my cock!

  10. barendz says:

    Rubbing amazing tits makes you hard, I'm as surprised as she was.

  11. leahs1oak says:

    his name??

  12. tuscanguy says:

    Damn! Angelina has some FINE tits

  13. rmiller56 says:

    god i wanna be able to do this

  14. nightmisterio says:

    Ive been looking at your ass lmaooo

  15. murray-esau says:

    i aint afraid of no lightning

  16. unbrokenone2 says:

    This made my pussy tingle

  17. kercmerk says:

    Should I mix Xanax with alcohol?

  18. jokzleemik says:

    Despite porn being fake af don't we all wanna fuck dillion? btw is her butt getting big...

  19. skiran says:

    him and he said thats going to get my b***d going there boy, so you're aware, I said ok, no problem. But within couple minutes, his cock was about 9 inches above his crotch, hard and straight up. I said wow man, that's an awesome cock there, he said thanks so much and I slowly took his cockhead in my mouth and started sucking him, he groaned and laid back saying that would be the most awesome thing you can do right now, thank you for being an excellent cocksucker and a needed friend right now.

  20. verbotten says:

    Fallout 4 is the only reason I'm buying a next-gen console

  21. michelletrail says:

    We all gone ignore the hole on his dick?

  22. jhw says:

    oo this is yummy

  23. melaniev says:

    she's so great the legs are amazing

  24. glwaters says:

    i like to lick ur pussy as long as u like, spl. cute tight asian pussy like ur.

  25. wegin says:

    I'm so wet, I want to fuck!!!

  26. biggabubba says:

    It's a twitcher!

  27. bobbymccall says:

    i got a cock like manuels if u like that, add me

  28. Hamsterer says:

    Mexicans just took the biggest L of 2016

  29. skogsleffe says:

    Omg so hot

  30. stokedmocha says:

    a heart made of pubic hair awwww

  31. sarahmayimjones says:

    I bet her boyfriend jacks off to this video, seeing a real man deflower his beautiful virgin girlfriend (probably ex now lol). He was probably a virgin too! Probably had to settle for some old fat slut after, and fantasizing about this beautiful young virgin that he was never able to have.

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