The Gods Gift to Humanity 2-The Long (& Def Not the Short) of It

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21 Replies to “The Gods Gift to Humanity 2-The Long (& Def Not the Short) of It”

  1. Kraheera says:

    2:50 name plz

  2. Elaine says:

    Ill do it for you

  3. TAGVoar says:

    still a great vid

  4. davieslove says:

    I can't believe that now theyre even faking behind-the-scenes

  5. blackwabbit says:

    it's good but i want to see her take it on the chin or some thing

  6. kwpare says:

    Loved. The vid horny

  7. wyy says:

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  8. hake says:

    How the fuck is it not just dust poofing out after like the third time

  9. dontravious says:

    Your video are soooo hot I love them they get me every time

  10. Braadstomen says:

    The way she talked, I could not stop thinking about doctor who then I realized something... ROSE AND MICKIE!

  11. attemptmischief says:

    nice ass for a white girl

  12. cadillacjack78 says:

    Really sexy video guys! Love it how they both look down the camera. Liked and favorited, keep it up!

  13. bretonmiss says:

    Their* sorry, I had to lol

  14. Ficko says:

    is there a name for standing sex position

  15. turnoi says:

    there both fuckin hot can i have u

  16. meayl0 says:

    "If I Ever Fall In Love" by: Shai

  17. tammyavery1963 says:

    I got you

  18. j_roc90 says:

    Hookers?.... get it? Who cares?... Ok I know where the door is...

  19. Snowy360 says:

    i love when lesbians rub their pussys to each other

  20. WeirdSkypeEvent says:

    There is something so erotic about watching a man's penis slowly going in and out of a vagina. Love it. I'm with OnlyTheHotPeople99. How could 158 people not like this video. Ridiculous!!!!!

  21. rhjkmcd says:


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